Essay on How Is Has Been For Me?

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Everybody goes through hardships, some worse than others. For some it is like a constant flow of obstacles and boundaries left and right. That’s how is has been for me. In just the past ten years, I have gone through my parent’s repugnant divorce, and then both of the remarrying which added six new siblings to the two that I already had; my mom being in a head on collision, breaking everything from the hips down; my sister almost dying from an eating disorder; my brother being raped by my cousin; my mother is going through a second divorce, and now is in the process of adopting my other cousin whom was born with opioids in her system. At seventeen years old, I had to get a job the help financially support my single, disabled mother. All of these events, plus a few more, have helped distinguish the person I am today.
At the age of twelve, my father cheated on my mom on Good Friday, in our own living room. I was upstairs with my friends getting ready to go to bed. My mom walked down the stairs to find my dad and my friend’s mom on the couch. The next thing I know, my friends’ mom is shoving them out the doors into the car, driving away. My parents didn’t see each other for the next two days. On the following Monday, my mother left my dad to go talk to her father about the whole situation. My father stayed in his bathroom, which was the room next to mine, blaring music. When my mom got home, she had to launch herself to the door to open it. She found my dad in the bathroom, a…

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