How Is Green Was Changed By The War Essay

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1. Compare how young manhood was defined in relation to womanhood and motherhood ….
a. During this era, it was customary for men to be “manly” and involved themselves in more physical activities while woman were expected to be more proper and docile. Some illustrators used woman to show how peace is a better than war. On the other hand, artists depicted men on posters in order to provoke the “inner man” among citizens.

2. Would you describe these posters as advertisements?
a. I would indeed consider these posters to be advertisements. The posters use a great deal of propaganda to encourage citizens either to enlist or object to the violence. Some of the ads use imagery to elicit feelings of anger and disgust in hopes that it provokes enlistment. Additionally, the posters often included one powerful phrase that carried a greater meaning. This allowed for citizens to form their own opinions about the war efforts.

3. Examine the letters to measure how Green was changed by the war. What happened to his idealism about the war’s aim over the course of the conflict?
a. After reading the various letters, it is obvious to see that Green’s opinions and attitudes towards the war changes dramatically. In the beginning, he is appalled by the thought of war and the vulgarity of it. But by the end, he is supportive of the other soldiers and seems to be more accepting of the war efforts in general.

4. How important are the gender and class to Green’s description of those…

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