The Role Of Heroism In The Great Gatsby

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Within the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the journey of the newly rich protagonist, Jay Gatsby, is recounted in relation to his love for Daisy Buchnana. Gatsby is a charming and confident man who grew his empire of welath himself to attract his true love Daisy. While many believe Jay gatsby is an unforeseen hero, due to his obtained wealth and persistence for love, I believe that Gatsby is a tragic hero due to his flaws, naiveness, and finally his tragic fall.
What brought Gatsby into his position of life is ultimately not his vast amount of wealth but his love for Daisy. The love between the two characters within the novel can be seen early within the novel, “They were so engrossed in each other” (73). To describe a couples
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This ordeal represents Gatsbys strength as a hero due to his courage shifting from being nervous in front of Tom to confidently expressing his love between himself and Daisy, “She told him that she loved him, and Tom Buchanan saw” (107). This ordeal can be viewed as a life or death crisis due to the fact that this was the moment where Gatsby would be able to realize whether or not he would be successful or unsuccessful; depending on how his relationship would grow. Compared to the works of John Stuart Mill and his belief of utilitarianism Gatsbys happiness is more complex than represented by theory. There are many ways Gatsby can be viewed as being happy but for Gatsby to reach a true version of happiness he would need his love between him and Daisy to thrive. Ultimately this represents Gatsby’s form of a tragic hero because in spite he is considered happy by the the things he has it is unreal happiness because his love for Daisy is not there. All in all it is easily identifiable that Gatsby is truly a tragic hero due to his flaws, naiveness, and his tragic fall; in no way can his perseverance for love and wealth be considered nobly heroic. Gatsby searched his whole life for his love for Daisy and once he got it it was tragically taken away, assuring us of his

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