Of Mice And Men Friendship Essay

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Friendship Friendship is formed in many different ways. Friendship could be something that will make you feel warm inside or could make you feel miserable. In other words, a person could have a good and a bad friend. They are both still under the definition of “friendship” but have a different way in presenting themselves. A good example of friendship could be found in a classic novella named “ Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. It’s about two guys name George and Lennie who go on a journey together to accomplish a dream that they both thought of. However, people believe that George relationship with Lennie is inadequate. On the other hand, I believe that George was a good friend to Lennie because he always finds a way to get Lennie out …show more content…
Meaning to say, that George numerously tells Lennie certain things so that he would not run into any trouble in the near future. For example, he will warn Lennie to not mess with Curly and to avoid him as much as possible so Lennie won’t get into a fight with Curly ( pg. 29 Steinbeck). Furthermore, Gorge also warns Lennie to not talk with Curley 's wife because his wife is someone who brings herself upon the men in the ranch. Since Lennie took an interest in her, George immediately warns him to not get involved with her or he will get beat by Curly which they are trying to avoid ( pg.32 Steinbeck). As you can see, George warns him about these people to protect him from getting in trouble. Usually friends will keep you in check and tell to warn you about certain things because they are concern for your well being. George is that kind of friend to Lennie which makes him a good …show more content…
People wanted the dog dead because it was to stinky. One day someone suggested to him to kill the dog by shooting in the head so it will be painless. Candy did not like the fact of killing his dog but the pressure was on him to kill it. So, he allowed someone to kill the dog and now regrets allowing something to kill the dog. He said he should have killed his own dog not them (pgs.45-65 steinbeck). In a way, George did not want to live in that regret in allow someone to hurt Lennie so he put that upon himself to kill him instead. He did that so Lennie won’t have to get hurt or criticizes anymore. His intention was to bring Lennie to a place where he will no longer be tormented or to hid somewhere away from people. It took a lot of sacrifices and strength to kill someone you deeply care about which George has to go through. A bad friend would kill someone just for their selfish reasons but in this case Gorge did it to help Lennie: for Lennie 's sake and the rest of the people.
Overall, Friendship is formed in different ways that people may perceive that friendship as bad or good. However, in the novella “ Of Mice and Men” it shows us how George was a good friend to Lennie. He finds ways to get Lennie out of trouble, warns him to not do certain things so he would not get in trouble, and sticks by his side. George may be perceived as a bad friend but all that George

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