How Is Fashion Change In The 1920s

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It is apparent that there are major changes from the 1920’s to now in 2015. From then to now, technology, women’s rights and beauty have changed over the time period. Technology back then was not as advance as technology today. In the 1920s technology were booming and people were starting to invent widgets such as cars, telephones, radios, kitchen appliances and other useful inventions, that would catch the eyes of the nation. Transportation improved a lot compared to the 1920’s, but still had the same purpose. Cars always seem to be evolving. From the Model T made by Henry Ford that was made in mass productions, to fast and sleek cars, to now where cars can drive themselves! The cars were not the only major accomplishment; telephones have …show more content…
In the 1920’s, women’s fashion was starting to change. The hemlines reached above the knee, where as before it would reach below their ankles. Having a “boyish” look with “bobbed” and “shingle” haircuts, were really popular in that decade. This was a major fashion trend that changed how women looked going into the 1920’s. The ideal body image of women was to be curve-less and more “boyish.” This was a way for women to make a statement about how they were equal to men. There are also women called flappers, who dressed differently from how women in the 1920’s should dress. Going into today’s society, we see many different types of beauties all over the world. There are also a diverse styles of clothing that fit your personality. Clothing today is diverse and it makes a statement about your individuality and makes you unique. Makeup products like eye shadow, lipstick, and mascara were used back then. This is not different from today, as many females use these products and with many other products that were invented. Makeup too expresses who you are. The use of makeup is very similar from then to now, but of course there has been differences on the looks. Ideally, people strive for a body that is large in both chest and bottom area, with a little waist. Sadly, today, many women dismiss the fact that all bodies are beautiful. As long as your healthy, it does not matter what your body type is. Today’s society is learning how to love yourself for who you are. We can express ourselves the way we want we to; that is who you are, and we should not be in a position to

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