How Is College Education Worth It Essay

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Is a college education worth it? Could passing up college be the better choice? These are questions that float around in the minds of many high school graduates, seniors, and young adults. But is it really worth the money, time and challenges it may bring? Yes. Having a college degree is worth it because it helps students learn lessons and skills that will help them succeed in life, gives them a better chance to get a good paying job, and leads to improvement in health and the quality life.
The life skills and lessons learned in college can be used throughout an individual’s life. College students can learn interpersonal skills. In college, the students have opportunities to talk and mingle with other students and the professors. Many extracurricular activities are available to join. Arthur Chickering created a theory on how college students grew over time. He claimed that learning interpersonal skills helped students to grow and progress during college (“College”). Along with this, technology entrepreneur and scholar Vivek Wadhwa said, "American children party [in college]. But you know something, by partying, they learn social skills. They learn how to interact with each other…They develop skills which make them innovative. Americans are the most innovative people in the world because of the education
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Learning how to work hard to support one’s self is a great lesson to be learned. An argument was made for this idea by Henry Bienan, PhD, President Emeritus of Northwestern University. He stated that college education brought about larger productivity, brought crime levels down, bettered health, and citizenship became better (“College”). Greater contribution and productivity really helps society. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported from September 2008 to September 2009 that more college graduates would volunteer than high school graduates and other

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