How Internet Changed Every Business Practice Essay

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Internet changed every business practice. It provided a fast, interactive and customized new medium, which allowed instantly to browse, purchase and track products and services online. During this period low cost project management software became available, that made projects management technique more accessible (Azzopardi, 2003 citied from O’Sheedy, 2012). As the result, the Internet permits organizations to be more productive, more efficient and more customers oriented. This period is shortly categorized as Production Center Human resources. The best examples of the projects undertaken during this period are England France Channel and Space Shuttle Challenge project. Both of them introduced the need to coordinate multicultural and multilingual projects, to focus attention on risk management, group dynamics and quality management. By the mid1990s, the successful use of project management permeated virtually every division within the company. Management began to believe that there must be strategic planning process for sustained project management growth. Governmental organizations, from the other side, acknowledged and stressed the importance of project management techniques. World Bank in 1993 issued a report, in which it stated the figures of given away loans to developing countries for more than $300 billion over the last fifty years. It also highlighted that there had been a dramatic rise in a number of failed projects around the world. Lack of integrated approach to…

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