Essay on How Internet Can Make Us Buy Things

1105 Words Oct 27th, 2016 5 Pages
Recently, technology is developing and making our life convenient, through for example, computers, games, and smartphones. The smartphone especially has developed so much. Each year, every electronic maker sells new type of smartphones, and sometimes they make a trend. It made causes a lot of people to buy them, so when I look around on the street I see that most people have smartphones and are staring at them. Through these developments, the internet has become an unnecessary system for people who use these devices. Internet can make us buy things, and meet people. The smartphone has spared, It’s about 91.4 people are using smartphone. Also 59% of them are using SNS. SNS is an epoch-making system, which is, we can carry internet, camera, telephone, wallet and we can use it anytime. (Smartphone Users Around the World – Statistics and Facts [Infographic], Go-Gulf) By using SNS, people can make friends, make contacts, share their memories and learn new things. I think SNS is now becoming an important content for who use smartphones, and it is making a good affections to each person. However, for some people, the smartphone is making a bad effect. Because of the SNS checking, people spend so much time to it. Also user’s eyesight be failing and sometime, user might be implicate in a crime. What is the usage of the smartphone in the whole world; “70% of the world’s population own at least one mobile phone. Based on the statistics, children in the United States now are more…

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