How Internet Affects Us? Essay

1901 Words Apr 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Do you think The Internet help the people? Do you think The Internet changes our Brain from human’s brain to robot’s brain? Do you think The Internet controls everything in the earth even our feelings? If your answers are YES for that entire question why don’t you quit using it? Why don’t you let your family quit using it? Don’t worry I will answer them for you. First of all, The Internet is the most powerful medium in our generation. The Internet is basically everything right now. Yes, I mean it everything. Without The Internet, I wouldn’t be able to write for you this essay. I wouldn’t be able to know what happens in the world. I wouldn’t be able to share my feeling, stories, and memories with my family in my country. Some people think Internet has the negative influence on us because it spread individuals from reality. For example, The smartphones in one example, by using it all the time without paying attention what happened around us in that moment that means it take us from the reality to our own world. On the other hands, some people think that the Internet gives the absolute most successful method for correspondence among individuals, including web messaging and texting. In the book The Shallow by Nicholas Carr the author he introduces the key premise that media not only alters perception but works on the nervous system itself. “The internet, as its proponents rightly remind us, makes for variety and convenience; it does not force anything upon you. Only it turns out…

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