How Information Technology Was Used in Beijing Oplympics Essay

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With the technologies that were already existed and innovations coming up every other day, the information technology has become more important to our life than it ever was. The information technology is not only applied in the field of computer science but it is also applied in many areas such as in business, economics, science, and pretty much every field in the world. Thanks to the tremendous advance in the information technology, most of the things existing on earth have changed to better. Sport also has gone through a big change through the application of IT. A compelling example that illustrates the change in sports is Beijing Olympics. The Beijing Olympics has been the most information intensive Olympics ever; Compared to the …show more content…
As a result, more than a million pages of information were served each day. All these processes were led by an international information technology serve company called Atos Origin. The contract between IOC, International Olympic Committee, and Atos Origin is so far the largest IT contracts in sport. The IT infrastructure has to support three broad areas. The first is the system through which the organizers run the games. For example, organizers are in charge of accreditation, arrival, protocol and staffing. Alto IT has to be used in the transmitting of real time results as well as timing and scoring technology. Thinking of pressure pads used in track and swimming, they are all produced by IT team. Another important area in which IT was used is security. Security is extremely important because athletes and officers should be in safe environment to prevent international disputes, and their information should be kept safe. Thanks to IT used in the Beijing Olympics, application of IT in sport has definitely been experiencing dramatic development. In the Beijing Olympics, increasing access to real-time Olympic competition result worldwide was very important. To achieve this, Atos Origin developed a new technology, which is called the Remote Commentator. It made commentators from different countries to be able to see competition results from the studio in their countries in a fraction of a second through PCs. This new service also provided

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