How Information Technology And Information Systems Help Managers Make Decisions And Run Organizations

1187 Words Dec 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Information Technology In today’s world filled with innovation and competition, information technology and systems are vital to our success personally and professionally. First, by looking at Microsoft SharePoint, as an example of information technology, and second, Linux, as an example of software development, both of which, invite and encourage sharing and collaboration, benefitting everyone. It is these systems that help to support the fairly recent push or initiatives to work together in teams, requiring information to be centralized and accessible, stored, updated, and even customized.
To illustrate, Linux is founded on a similar premise as SharePoint, allowing for open and free software development, thus, the foundations of our successes today and moving into the future. In this paper, we will explore how information technology and information systems help managers make decisions and run organizations today, and in the next five years. Thinking back to my own personal experience and exposure as a hotel operations manager, we used a PBX phone system for hotel switchboard operators, in addition to a POS system for room service, and even Palm Pilots to inventory the mini-bars. Additionally, my team and I used a software application called StarGuest to track work orders, deliveries, and guest requests, basically, to track everything. By tracking and also timing everything, while using the latest, greatest software applications at the time, we were able to achieve…

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