How Individuals React And Stressful Situations Associated With Eating Disorders And The Other Group Watching A Comedy

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The sole purpose of this specific study is to measure how individuals react to stressful situations, primarily with food. Previous studies have shown that females tend to have higher levels of stress than males and are more subjected into eating disorders. As a defense mechanism, eating helps cope during times of stress. Recent studies focused predominantly on females and very few on males, however for this experiment both genders will be studied. This study will sample University undergraduate students. Prior to the experiment all participants will fill out a questionnaire regarding their gender, hours of school per week, drug use, and family background. Participants would be told that the purpose of the experiment is to test their vulnerability during the movie. There will be two groups watching different films, but both groups will have the same environment, including the food that will be provided. One group will watch a thriller movie and the other group watching a comedy. After gathering the results on each participant, the method of Statistical Analysis proposed is the Independent Samples T-Test which will show any significant difference between the two groups. My hypothesis is that the group watching the thriller movie will intake more food than the comedy movie group. However, with this study I also predict that more females will choose to snack more than the males.
Young adults are subjected to stress, however research shows that girls tend to have higher levels…

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