How India Was Impacted By Britain 's Imperialism Essay

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During the late 1800s, Western European nations like Great Britain began to use the term imperialism, to justify using their powers over weaker countries around the world. Two countries who were impacted by imperialism were Nigeria and India. Imperialism was very beneficial for the European and American powers, but had a negative impact on the countries who faced this which would lead to issues. One example that gives insight to how India was impacted by Britain’s imperialism, is Dadabhai Naoroji’s speech, “The Pros and Cons of British Rule.” Naoroji, a man born into a prosperous family, left his math career so he can fight for better conditions for India. After moving to Britain, Naoroji was able to become the first Indian to ever join Britain’s Parliament. India used to be under Mughal rule, but when the Mughal rule started to enter a decline, “The East India Company took advantage of Mughal weakness to strengthen and expand its trading posts” (Bentley and Ziegler, 5th edition, 736). Britain did not just move into India and take control over them in the beginning. Instead they capitalized on that opportunity which then gave Britain a kick start on imperializing India. The East India Company was successful in annexing and spreading their control over more land especially with their military troops, which consisted of both British and Indians. This did not last long because as stated in the lecture slides, the Indian in the army started to resent the British since their…

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