How Important Is Tourism and Agriculture for the Dominican Republic Economy.

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Thesis Statement
How important is Tourism and Agriculture for the Dominican Republic economy.
• One of the base of Dominican economy
• 35% labor force
• Produces of Dominican Republic are; coffee, cacao, tobacco, cotton, rice, beans, potatoes, etc.
• The Dominican agriculturists are responsible for supplying most of the Dominican food to the population.
• One of the most important aspects I the Dominican economy.
• Because of location, Dominicans people and climate, Dominican Republic is one of the most visited countries in the Caribbean by tourists.
• Also helps in the social development since they are constantly receiving people from other countries.


"The Dominican Republic is a
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This concept has been a matter of discussion and a great way of publicity among traveling agents, hotels, politicians, etc. this represents an important alternative for a massive tourism which is causing the countries pollution, since they were only focusing on all inclusive hotels and not taking advantage of all the other things they have to offer like museum, monuments, among other things. On the other hand eco-tourism could generate much more income to the Dominican economy and will also help to conservate Dominican Republic's natural resources and will help other providing services besides the hotels.

In conclusion we can see that the Dominican Republic has been on a bit of an economic roller coaster ride in recent years. Lifted by agriculture and tourism, the Dominican Republic in the 1990's had one of the fasted growing economies in the region. Agriculture and tourism has been very important to this country. They both generate a large number of labor resources and a large economic entry to the country, also, they both help in the injection of the U.S. dollar to the country since tourist consume with dollars and when we export the payments are in dollars, as well. Agriculture supplies most of the food consumed by the population and helps economically from exporting products to outside countries. And tourism "has contributed to creating a more diversified economy and helped fuel what has recently been strong

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