How Important Are The Miracles For Understanding Jesus ' Ministry?

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How important are the miracles for understanding Jesus’ ministry?
The miracles of Jesus create a large portion of all four of the Gospels. They not only include demonstrate the miracles themselves, but the crowd’s reaction to Jesus, and controversial moments in Jesus 's ministry, such as opposition from the Pharisees, and other authorities. It is during the miracles that we see hostility towards Jesus 's claims about himself, for example it is suggested that his authority derived from Satan. The miracles also show us a large portion of Jesus 's teaching and general beliefs. Although in the first century, it was generally accepted that miracles did in fact take place as reported within the Gospels, since the enlightenment debate about the nature of the miracles and whether or not they actually happened has continued to engage scholars. Attempts to rationalise the miracles have included the idea that the miracles were a later addition to the Gospels, or that miracles such as walking on water could be explained by factors such as hidden logs under the surface. However, in regards to understanding Jesus 's ministry, the miracles true existence largely unimportant. The nature of the miracles, and the reactions of those around Jesus when he performs those miracles, can help us understand how Jesus operated during his time.

Assuming initially, that the miracles did actually take place as they are reported to in the Gospels, it can be argued that the miracles are intended to…

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