How Identity Is The Most Important Times Of Our Life Essay

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Throughout our life there are moments where it is detrimental to our sense of self that we feel as though we belong. This could be when we are growing up as a child, which would be arguably one of the most important times of the development of our sense of self, and perhaps as we are teenager’s as we try to fit in socially, and then finally the transition from adolescent to adult as we try to gain a sense of who we are in this life and what our purposes are. This can often be considered as the last major stage of change in our identity. These life stages are vastly influential in our sense of self and most importantly, whether or not we feel as though we belong in these times of our life. From looking at this it is ridiculously easy to understand how belonging is the major attribute to any sense of an identity.

Greatly acclaimed films and books such as Wild Cat Falling, are priceless tools in the ways of understanding and relating to this often controversial topic of how identity is in direct relation to belonging particularly within the different stages of our lives. The author Mudrooroo shows readers in his novel, ‘Wild Cat Falling’, particularly about how when we are growing up as children and how where we feel we belong in this stage is arguably the most influential time frame for the development for the basis of our identities. Readers see the protagonist, “Wild Cat”, have multiple flashbacks of being a child and on the circumstances and the environment he was in,…

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