How I 've Got Me? Essay

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Ever since I was able to read I’ve always had a knack for it. I enjoyed the feel of the pages and the stimulation the text gave me. When I read I felt so smart because I understood what the story was saying on the first try, I could read through a book that was assigned for the week in less than an hour. It fueled my ideas for drawing as well as storytelling. Every picture is worth a thousand words so I would draw something and write down what it was about as if I was illustrating for my own novel. In first grade we were given a writing prompt about a haunted house or Halloween or something similar. I remember so vividly the thought of writing about a girl in a mermaid costume walking up to a haunted house with a group of friends and they all were sucked into the void that was this cursed building. I remember that I had based this idea off of a video game that I had watched my older sisters play over and over. In the amount of time that the other children were working on one page I was finished with four of them. Sure, it may not have been perfectly spelled or the plot may have been slightly underdeveloped but I was so proud to have written so much and have been the only one to go so far with the idea.
In third grade I had become too advanced for our typical section of books. I loved learning but all the books I was given were either too boring for me to read or too simple. My AR level was as high as the average fifth grader’s. Soon I was looking elsewhere to find something…

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