How I Write An Essay

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Writing has never been easy, but the more years of practicing writing the easier it seems to get. To every great writing piece there is always a great writing process. Some process may be very structured and some may be a spur of the moment type process or others may be in between.
My process has always been the spur of the moment type. Where some have to plan and plan what they are going to write about or say, I find it easier to just start writing and go from there. The rest just comes to me. This process for me is the best my life is not exactly structured. My job requires me to be at work from 8am to 5pm sometimes to 8pm. This means there is never a set time for me to study do exams, or write essays so when I get a minute I do not always use it to sit and write an essay. I do admit I do brainstorm, not on paper, but literally in my brain. This is one of my greatest strategies. Even in day to day trials I will take something that was said or done and run with it mentally, this really helps me understand the reasoning in almost everything. So when given a subject, that is the main thing that I plan for, not by writing rough drafts about it over and over, but by taking the subject and coming up with numerous concepts. There are times when it is very difficult to stay focused, but that is when I take a quick break, watch television, surf the web, go to the store, anything that will help me tame my thoughts so I can create a…

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