How I Write A Paper

1230 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
When I stare at a blank word document my mind becomes scattered. Writing has always been something that has never came easy to me. I always felt like the way I worded things, or explained myself in a paper wasn 't good enough compared to all the other people in my classes. Then, just recently I figured out that if I write for myself and things that I feel strongly about then when I am staring at a blank word document the words will come easy to me, and will start to flow. This is why I wrote, and why I write. I wrote because I had to, because the teacher would give me a topic that I didn 't care about, and expected me to pull something out that was great. I wrote because I wanted to get an A on the paper. I always had to put in a little more effect in my papers than other people when it came to wanting to get an A on a paper. I wrote because I didn 't want to feel stupid. I wrote because it was what was expected. I wrote because I had to improve. I wrote to get the teachers off my case. I wrote to not feel like the dumb person who never did their writing assignments. I wrote even though I never wanted to. I wrote because if I didn 't I wouldn 't graduate high school. Writing was a big factor in high school, it didn 't matter if you were good or not, it was a necessity to graduate. I wrote because of my parents. If I didn 't write, I didn 't graduate high school. If I didn 't graduate high school, my parents would be very disappointed in me. I wrote because it was expected.…

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