How I Write A Kickass Paper

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How to Write a Kickass Paper

Let’s set the scene your Intro to Psychology of Child Development Class is slipping into the C range and you need to raise it back up to a B so you can keep your B average. How are you going to do it? You’re going to ace the next paper that’s how! Well that’s the plan at least, but you’ve been sitting in front of a blank word document for the past hour and a half. Maybe you’ve opened a note book to “review the material”, or maybe you’re really ambitious and opened the text book. It doesn’t matter though, no matter what you do all you can think of is, “Why am I even in this class!” You can deny it all you want, but let’s face it you found yourself on this site. If it wasn’t for this article you would have continued falling into the internet void and never get back to your paper. Don’t worry though we’ll get you back on track. You’re in good hands. You’re going to finish this paper. You might even have fun doing it.
1. Prepare to Work Alright, if you have a note book open you’re ahead of the game. If not go get your note book. Pull out any and all relevant information you have on the class. Arrange your notebooks, handouts, textbooks, and whatever else you need on your desk, bed, bathroom floor, or wherever you plan on working. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have your class material with you. That being said if you’re on the bathroom floor you might be in more trouble than the rest of us.

Okay now that you have everything…

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