Essay on How I Will Use This Award Help Advance My Career

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How I Will Use This Award to Advance My Career
Exercise is the key to a healthy and rejuvenated life, but most people tempt to neglect it. Exercise can be a substitute for several drugs; however, our society is affected by the impact of commercialized drugs and medications. Unfortunately, the majority of the American population is not aware of the importance of exercising. Despite a growing in the fitness industry, people are still engulfed in their bad habits which may be factor of health issues. Ignorance, indolence and wrong advertisements are the main causes of such comportment and these are the main reasons why I want to pursue my education in exercise science.
I grew up in France, a country where wellness is primordial. Good healthy habits are of course promoted, but most of the population adopts these methods at an early stage of their life. Therefore, eating healthy or being active is often seen as common sense. Of course disease can touch anybody but our intense prevention reduces the risk of illness.
When I arrived in the United States several years ago to continue my education, I was not aware yet of the lack of physical activity. I did realize some differences in regard to the American lifestyle but these changes were fine to me. Although I was coming for two years I tried to adapt myself to the culture. My goal was to focus on my studies; I was taught in fact that life is a pathway in which doors open to you if you are devoted and ambitious. My parents always…

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