How I Will Career Goals Essay

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The purpose of this business plan is to inform reader of how I will accomplished my career goals. The major I am considering is marketing with concentration of Information Science. I chose these two major because I work for Comcast which is cable provider. Comcast is an invotar when it comes to Internet and cable. Our company has the fastest in home Wi-fi in the country along with a great cable service that it constantly change with the growing technology. They also have a really good marketing team called spotlight it were all of the promotions, ads, and marketing campaign come from. Although there marketing is good I feel I can add value to marketing team by help those to create new campaign that will benefit our clientele. I also chose Information system because now day’s technology is constantly growing and everything require working with technologies having a background in Information science will help me be able keep up with latest technologies.
Another career I would like to work in is Public Relationship for companies. I would like help build a positive image for companies and it CEO. I would also like to work with a PR firm.
One of the career I would like to work in the Comcast spotlight marketing team is marketing Researcher and planning there job allow them to managing, gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about a market, product, or service to be offered in the market. They also work with other team in the Marketing department like VP,…

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