Essay on How I Taught My Self

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In Nepal when I was 7 or 8 years old. I taught my self-how to paint house. In Nepal our house are made of mud so we have to paint 1 time in 3 day so it will clean and looks good. I taught how to paint house my self by looking at my friends house, her house is near to my home. Her mom always paints her house and paint very nice with different color like yellow, red and black. I always want to paint like her but I don’t know how to paint and also I am too small to paint house. Next day I told my mom to teach me hoe to paint house so I can help her and also I can paint when she don’t have time or when she have to go to work that time I can paint and keep home clean. She used to tell me that I am too small to paint and I don’t have to do now. She will teach me when I grow up. After 2 or 3 I stay out side of our home and I saw that she was painting so I went near to her look how she paint. I told her to teach me how to paint but she did not teach me because my mom doesn’t allow me to paint. Again when she was painting I look and think that how she does and how she uses that different color mud. I look like 3 or 4 time when she was painting and from next day I paint outside of our home my self. It was mass up and when my mom come outside of house she yelled at me by saying why did you do I told you don’t do it. I did not tell her anything and also I never give up on that after she yelled at me also. I was thinking that I would teach my self nobody needs to teach me. We have…

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