How I Taught My Great Grandmother 's Parrots From Bark Essay

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When I was six years old, I taught my great-grandmother’s parrots to bark. People told me that it was impossible, yet I was persistent. I would go outside and bark at the parrots for ten minutes each day. One early morning I woke up to the sound of the parrots barking. Maybe this is when people realized that I was a perseverant little girl, and that I would accomplish anything as impossible as it seems. The most important thing about this story, isn’t that I taught nine parrots how to bark, but that the only person who encouraged me and told me that everything is possible was my mother. She has always said that, and she always will. Looking back at the idea it might have been my mother’s, and she was also by my side barking. Life is made up of several silly moments that shape who you are, and where you are going. It’s the smallest things what makes this life worthwhile. I like to believe that every action has a chain reaction, and that things don’t necessarily happen for a reason, but that at times we have the opportunity to make that reason happen. My life began on September 4, 1994 at approximately 6:00AM, at Rockville, Maryland. Some minutes right before I was born, my grandmothers were still fighting about what to call me - or so I’ve been told. - Torn between Julieta and Cayetana, I was named Violeta, after both my mother and great-grandmother. Following my parents divorce when I was four, my mom and I moved to Nicaragua. This is where my…

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