How I Started English 101 At Phoenix College Essay

708 Words Dec 14th, 2016 3 Pages
When I began English 101 at Phoenix college this past fall, I felt completely useless. My writing skills had always been terrible through all my high school years. I never enjoyed writing essays. I simply saw essays as just another assignment. Before this class I always had trouble writing. I use to add and add details that never made sense, simply because all I wanted was to reach the required word count. A few weeks into the semester; I received a clear picture of how the writing process of works. I began to actually enjoy writing. My friends were amazed. They all told me my writing techniques were dramatically improving. I began to develop very powerful techniques. Techniques such as: being very descriptive, creating meaningful writing, looking into other writer 's work, and sharing ideas with classmates in discussion boards. Before I knew it, I found myself with endless ideas when writing. I simply began to enjoy every moment of the process. When writing my first essay 's draft "A Two-way Road" I had trouble putting my ideas on my paper. I wrote about my family 's yearly trip to Durango, Mexico. I described how traveling as a kid changed from traveling as an adult. I considered my topic easy. I chose these events to write about because traveling to Mexico was more than just a trip. The trip meant a lot for me and my family. We 've been having these trips for over a decade. I believed I had many ideas I would never run out of. After completing my first…

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