How I Spent My Time Management Essay

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Exploring My Time Management I have been exploring how I have been spending my time. I logged my time for 1 week to see how I spend my time. So first, I want to talk about how I spent the week I logged my time for. Second, I want to talk about a 14-week plan that I made. Then finally third I want to talk about what I am going to do to work on managing my time better. These are important because this will help me with how to spend my time during each day. I made a log for a week of how I was spending each of my days. I noticed that I can work on a couple of things. I need to basically work around the times I need to be at work which is from (Monday- Friday) 7:30 am – 4:00 pm, and work around my seminars which is Monday from 6pm– 7pm and two on Thursday from 6pm- 7pm and 8pm- 9pm. Other than work and my seminars, the days I had logged were a mess. I had through each day; had watched television, went out to do stuff and napped. I even stayed up late some nights watching television. I had figured out that I was not spending my days the way I should. I wasted time throughout each day by not planning properly each moment throughout the day. I just went with whatever came up. Time management is one of the parts of the book that has helped me a lot. So after my week of logging my days I realized I needed to change something. This is the reason I thought it was a great opportunity to work on my 14-day planner. I worked on my 14-day planner and figured out the basics of what I…

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