How I Ride A Bike Essay examples

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Feel the wind crashing against your skin, see shapes and colors flashing by, and hear mom yelling “ She’s doing it! She’s riding her bike! ”. Now this might just sound like a simple story of a young girl with a dream to ride a bike. But it’s not so simple since I’m the young and very stubborn 6 year old girl trying to learn how to ride a bike. Now let me take you back to the year 2003, it was the month of July which was the perfect month to learn how to ride a bike. Why you may ask, because the sun was shining, I smelt like sunscreen, and most importantly my brother and sister weren’t in school, which meant that they got to play dolls with me. I lived on a long downhill street and my house just happened to be at the very bottom. If you stood at the very top of the street you saw houses on each side that varied in size and kids playing outside along with big full green trees lining the sidewalk and in front yards. The street came to a half circle when you reached the bottom, within the half circle was a pathway that led from our street to ten others and a community center with a big basketball court. With my purple Barbie helmet strapped to my head I started to learn my first lesson in life, if at first you don’t succeed, keep on trying. As my dad stood over me with his dark sunglasses reflecting the light into my eyes, he started to explain “ These are the pedals, there what makes you go. “. My Dad went on explaining exactly how a bike works,…

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