How I Prepared Myself For The Second Day Of Dialogue Essay

737 Words Oct 6th, 2016 3 Pages
Over the course of the past week, we focused on three different types of dialogues. In Makau and Marty’s Dialogue and Deliberation, they stated that dialogue is easier said than done, and after participating and leading one myself, I couldn’t agree more. Throughout this paper, I’m going to reflect on how I prepared myself for not only listening but facilitating, my thoughts on how I participated on both sides during the dialogues, and my overall thoughts of the dialogues. While preparing for the first day of dialogue, I was very thorough. I took my own notes for each section and even wrote down some of my own questions. I wanted to make sure I was as prepared for the day as possible. I think it was sufficient, I had a lot of information and it also gave me a better understanding of the reading.
For the second day of dialogue, it was my turn to facilitate. Luckily, Hayden had been the first facilitator so I had a little more knowledge of what to do. I went through the chapter, looked up words I didn’t know the meanings too, I highlighted the things that I thought would spark up a conversation, and I made sure I had plenty of questions to ask just to ensure I had enough information to talk about for the whole class period.
For the third day, I was a listener again, but this time I didn’t put so much effort into the reading. I learned from the first two days that even after I read the text, once we started a conversation on a topic, it easily could have swerved off into…

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