Essay about How I Learned With Writing

1135 Words Nov 20th, 2014 null Page
Before I came to college, writing was one of the things I never wanted to do at all. I never liked it whenever my teacher tells me to write an essay. I thought I would always hate to write, but when I got better at it, I started to get into writing allot more. Once I stepped into college that 's when things gotten a little more serious. I had two writing classes this semester. During my time in class, I have begun to grow and learn more than I thought was even possible. Throughout this semester course, I have learned a lot while being in Composition I. Now that I have finished taking this course, I gained some knowledge and confidence it takes to step out into the real world. I always thought writing was only in English class. I soon realized the skills I learned in Composition I course can be really helpful to me. It can be as little as writing a letter or just a research paper; it is required to have writing as a skill. Things like writing an evaluation using comparison and contrast made me think why I am choosing between two or even maybe three things. These essays will benefit me with my major, Criminal Justice, where I am always going to be writing almost every day. This is true especially when I go to graduate school where debating and writing is the mostly what I 'll be doing. I learned to be able to use more detail and explain why. For example, when I was writing a literacy analysis, it made me think about all the details and understood the meanings behind the…

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