How I Learned With Peer Reviews Essay

1320 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
Before beginning this course, I knew that I lacked confidence within my writing. People say that you are your own worst critique, and I fully agree with that statement. My writing was not terrible in some aspects, but I knew that it needed to be improved upon. I lacked the experience needed because writing was not something that I did on a daily basis. When I first started English 1302, the little confidence that I had significantly plummeted since my writing seemed childish compared to other students. However, as I progressed through English 1302, I realized that my I was developing new skills that begun to transform the way I wrote. Peer reviews helped me most this semester because having a new set of eyes allowed me to see the mistakes that I wouldn’t have noticed. The helped me make sure that I was on topic and accomplish all of the requirements within the rubric. By receiving constructive criticism, I was able to learn more about myself as well as my abilities and limitations. This course not only helped me improve my writing skills, but it required me to become more self-motivated to complete my work as well as helped me manage my time more efficiently. English 1302 have allowed me to become a more adequate writer, so I am now able to convey my words more efficiently to the intended audience. My improvement is clearly shown thorough my papers that I have completed for this course because I was able to complete the objectives required, and include my own personal touch…

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