How I Learned With My Writing Essay

949 Words Dec 14th, 2016 4 Pages
This semester was quite the learning experience, as I learned that my writing was not flawless, like I believed it was in high school; however, I have become much better as this semester progressed. The grade I earned in English 101 is an “A”, and there are a few reasons why this is so. If we look at my progression throughout the course, you can see that there have been vast improvements in my writing following the first two essays. First, piggy-backing on the statement I made prior, you can notice how much I learned as well as how much I applied to my writing throughout the progression of this course. For example, six of the nine essays I wrote had an “A” for thesis and only one had an “F” for mechanics. In addition, if we narrow this down even more to the last five essays I wrote (dropping the highest and lowest grade), I am left with two essays that are an “A-”and one essay that is an “A”. Also, out of these three essays, there are only two major errors in mechanics all together, which is a vast improvement compared to the first two essays I wrote. These are significant enough to display my progression throughout this course and validate the “A” I seek. When I began the course, I struggled with forming a clear thesis and supporting it, I also struggled with subject-verb agreement and comma splices. Thus, I identified my strengths as well as my weaknesses in writing; however, I worked on both over the semester and I feel that I have come a long way, but I understand…

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