Essay about How I Learned With My Writing

775 Words Aug 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
I have never been very interested in writing or much enjoyed English class. People have always told me my writing was good, but I never cared much because the process of writing itself was such a burden. As time went on I learned more strategies to make writing easier so I could get it out of the way faster, but I never really learned to love it. By the time I reached my sophomore year of high school I still strongly disliked narrative or creative writing, but I could tolerate, and sometimes even enjoy, writing essays about nonfiction subjects, such as nuclear energy and its application in space exploration or the state of foreign affairs between Russia and The United States of America. Throughout this semester I have learned how to make writing even easier to tolerate and quicker to get through. I believe that I have greatly improved as a writer throughout the last ten weeks that I have taken Composition One. When this semester began, I was so thrilled to be taking the last required English class of my high school career. I could not wait to finally be free of the ball and chain that was English courses. I was ready to be through with writing responses to Romeo and Juliet and taking notes on the proper usage of commas. Despite this, I was a confident writer when it came to high school essays. I was so sure of my abilities that I would often only create one draft of an essay before turning it in, even if it made up a large portion of my grade. It had been years since I…

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