How I Learned With My Mind And My Past, Present, And Future Essay

1058 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout this semester, I have learned and obtained an abundance of new information that I did not realize was so informative in my life. I have already related the new learned concepts to my past, present, and future. I learned concepts that I was already aware of but now a more in depth version of itself. Concepts that have helped me through this journey of learning was the assignments, videos, and discussions inside/ outside of the classroom. All of the following has helped me breach a new part of my mind and perspective that I was unaware of. Hence, each has taught me to think outside the box and use my knowledge in a productive way. On the other hand, concepts from this semester that have found relevant and interesting to my past was that my memory can be potentially altered or wrong. Specifically, that my mind can be tricked. I learned from the memory chapter from this semester 's psychology book that the mind is a delicate place. That even though it is a delicate place, a person’s mind can have false memories. A video that caught my attention was the one about Ronald Cotton and Jennifer Thompson. Today, Cotton and Thompson are close friends but after the past history the two have faced, people would think otherwise. This leads me to their past situation. In the video, I learned that eyewitness testimony need to be taken more seriously. When dealing with eyewitness testimony, there are two key properties: often unreliable and highly persuasive. This leads to why…

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