Essay on How I Learned Myself From The Bible

1479 Words Apr 27th, 2016 null Page

You know I’m going to write you emails until you arrive. You know growing up in a “religious village” I learned selective hearing and what I learned learned myself from the bible was:

A. You can pull a Jesus and use, “frustration” when you see something wrong to fix it.
B. Treat EVERYONE THE SAME (for example the janitor as you would the CEO. probably because the janitor has a harder job and gets the least respect. Another example would be the exhaust of a Mercedes smells the same as a moped). I tried to ignore the part where homosexuals were going to hell from the preacher.
C. Accountability (by now you know I like to learn things from a first hand perspective). For example, I can spit like a sailor now thanks to bronchitis muicnex that my cousin gave me by cooking for me (it wasn’t to good but eating with the girls were worth the meal and 2 weeks of shit). I thought it was allergies and thanks to google not my Emory Provider I figured it out. P. S. I don’t care what anyone says taking 10 Zyrtec in a day is not an option.

Anyway, I ran the beltline, you CAN get from ponce city market to the beltline. its an awesome place where you can get a coke in a glass bottle probably 8 ounces for 8 dollars. I was told different, even with signs everywhere by friends. I guess the moral of the story is sometimes you may be under a cloud of shit being high and drunk but it doesn’t even get close to people that closed minded or try to tell different then what you know is…

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