Essay on How I Learned Lessons From My Life

740 Words Sep 8th, 2016 3 Pages
Throughout my life until now, I learned various lessons that influenced how I conducted my life and taught me how to be able to improve my environment. These lessons helped to shape me as a person and support my values.
One of the most thought provoking lessons that I ever had occurred in my Digital Electronics class during my Junior year. My instructor often went off on tangents from the material in class, which I did not mind, as he always tied what we did in class to life. One day, he was talking to us about our future and he ended up talking about the difference between knowing and understanding. The instructor made the bold claim that just because one knows something, that does not mean that they understand it. The difference between knowing something and understanding it, is that when someone knows something, that person only realizes that it exits. However, one can only understand something after that person lives through it and grasps how it affected their life. The realization of the difference between knowing and understanding changed how I thought about my actions. I began to realize that just because I knew something would happen, that did not imply that I would fully understand the ramifications of the event. Another important lesson that I learned originally came from a YouTube video posted by a content creator named Wrel. Although Wrel often created on videos centered around gaming, every few weeks he would post a video entitled “Thoughts…

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