How I Learned Improved My Writing Essay

768 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
At the beginning of the semester I did not expect to strengthen my writing skills because I thought that I was just taking an easy English 101 class. However, that was not the case because I learned how to write papers in ways that I never even thought of before. Everything that I learned improved my writing in the past significantly. In fact, I am currently at a point in my life where my writing has never been better. The three key elements that have enhanced my writing the most are the five-paragraph essay format, supporting every sentence with specific details, and incorporating Paper Rater’s comments as I revised my drafts. The five-paragraph format taught me the structure and organization that is needed within an essay. In the past I always used a three-paragraph essay format, but it considerably lacked the thorough description and effectiveness exemplified in the five-paragraph essay format. I did not incorporate the five-paragraph essay format in the Learning Style Inventory assignment and did not keep me on target with my thesis. I did not enjoy writing this particular paper because I did not fully understand what I was supposed to write about. The instructor made a comment stating that I needed to implement this format in my writing in order to have a better effect on readers and after this I began to write using the five-paragraph essay format. It proved to be a tool that helped me stay focused on my thesis statements and the main idea of each paragraph so that…

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