How I Learned How My Family Systems Are Defined And The Ties With One Another

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Oftentimes when we think of family, the first thing that comes to mind is those who are related by blood and those who hold close relationships with us. Within the context of this paper, you will learn how my family systems are defined and the ties with one another. To further illustrate the complexity of a family unit, a genogram has been provided. Genograms contain an array of information, including family intergenerational behavior patterns, conflicts, and alliances. The purpose of the genogram is not to determine how individuals are related to one another, but to rather demonstrates any historical content experiences within the family. While gazing at my genogram, one can determine that my family is quite small, but maintain very tight relations between each other. Significantly, there are structural systems to be followed by many families, these may include boundaries, rules, myths, alliances, significant losses, resources, and intergenerational patterns. However, only a few of these apply to my family. Hierarchy, attachment styles, communication styles and patterns are the subsystems that can define my family. Despite, the struggles we have overcome as a family, one underlying theme continues to play a part of the past three generations in my family. Single-parent family theme has surpass all three generations in my family and it’s only a matter of time as to whether it will continue onto the next generation. The goal of this paper is to assist me in how I can reflect…

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