How I Learned From This Class Essay

1049 Words Aug 5th, 2015 null Page
Being in Students Strategies for Success has been beneficially in several different ways for me. I plan to take some of the strategies that I learned from this class and apply it to my semesters in the future in college. The first skill that I would like to take from this class is time management. This class taught us that time management is one of the most important ways to be successful in college by managing your time and not overwhelming yourself. I will apply this in the future by managing my time by using a planner and organizing everything that I have to do within that week. This is so I will have a balance schedule and my time for each assignment wills enough for me to complete the assignments to the best of my ability. Another skill that I will take from this class is the CRAAP test. Which is a test that helps you determine if you are using a good reference for a research paper. I will use this skill because being biology major I know that it will be doing a lot of research papers. So I will use this skill to determine if I should be using particular articles from the school library to reference in my papers. Thirdly another skill I will use from this class is setting effective goals. I want to use this because I know in college setting goals are very important. This will help me in the future because when I have a list of goals on a whiteboard in my room showing the goals that I want to achieve it will help me remember what I am working for everyday. In…

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