How I Learned Best By Reading And Writing Essay

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2 Introduction I definitely can say that I expected these results because first of all, I know I am definitely not a strong visual learner. I’ve never learned best by just looking at diagrams and images. I don’t remember information about the topic by simply looking at it. Since, I could remember I always learned best by reading and writing, lectures, and asking questions and needed assistance on certain topics when I required it. I learn best by listening to a speaker and recalling that information. I do recall information well by reading and writing. As a writer, I learn best if I remember the words I wrote. I also do benefit from group discussions and writing opinion articles or essays on my opinions. With research and information I gather inside and outside the classroom, that is where I can effectively put all the information together and comprehend the subject presented. Overall, I know that I am multimodal, however, mostly aurally, kinesthetically, and with reading and writing. Participant Responses
For my roommate Serena, her results were no surprise at all. Ever since she was young she learned best by projected images, having the teacher walk step by step on an assigned topic. After, she saw her results she knew they were accurate because she likes to have a variety of learning styles and likes learning…

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