How I Invented The Electronic Book Essay

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Have I ever told you about how I invented the electronic book? A love song to the Kindle, from a time long before the Kindle.

The helicopter was costing about $600 an hour and the dollars weren 't mine and we looked to be overweight, so there came a moment outside the hangar when small, ruthless decisions had to be made. Andy called it triage. Andy is young and tough and deranged by love for his work, inured to going weeks at a time in wet, bloody socks on a diet of crackers and canned fish. That is to say, he 's a tropical ecologist.

The dollars in question belonged to him and his wife, Deb, doctoral students financing a wildly ambitious program of fieldwork in the highlands of Papua New Guinea from a handful of finite grants. The helicopter was a little four-seater Hughes. It could handle 450 kilograms, the pilot had told us. On a series of trips to Andy and Deb 's camp, it had moved hundred of kilos of rice, cases of beef-flavored crackers, cases of canned mackerel, cases of navy biscuit whatever that is, cases of corned meat loaf and some other suspicious canned substance labeled "lamb flaps," cases of cooking oil, cans of lard and or margarine, boxes full of beans and noodles and tomato paste and lentils and coffee and Milo and powdered milk, as well as two cassowary chicks in woven cages. The cassowaries, large flightless birds of a species endemic to New Guinea, were intended for strictly experimental purposes, though the local people consider them good…

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