How I Have Spent More Time With My Grandpa Essay

1088 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
If I had fourteen days to spend with anyone, I would chose my Grandpa McKee. He passed away four years ago, but I would love to get to speak with him one last time. I would talk with him about everything he went through as a child. He lived through the Great Depression, so that would be interesting to hear what he had to say about that. After reading Tuesday With Morrie it really opened my eyes to have much people take for granted. I think about how I could have spent more time with my grandpa than I really did. Also cherishing the moments that I did have with my grandpa, and I should have asked him more questions about life. He was like my best friend growing up, if I had a problem I went to him. Another reason why I would chose my grandpa to talk with is I feel like his life was cut too short. He passed away from cancer, my family doesn’t know quite where the cancer stemmed from, but when we found out he had cancer it was too far along for him to survive. The image that always came to mind for me when the book talked about Mitch visiting Morrie in his room, and Morrie would be in his bed, was my grandpa laying in his bed. He would so skinny and he just watched the world go by as he slowly became weaker and weaker. This book has made an impact on how I view my ways of going through life and thinking about getting older. If I could talk to my grandpa again I would gain a lot of knowledge of life, marriage, family, and being a hard worker. He raised eight children in…

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