Essay on How I Have Grown From The South Side Of Chicago

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I grew up on the south side of Chicago, IL in a modest brick house with my four siblings. Every couple of months, my mother would take our height measurements to see how tall we have grown. She would mark it with a pencil on the exact same wall in our basement and every couple of months I would get excited in anticipation to see how much I have grown. My mother would say, nature made you a half an inch taller this year and I would smile from ear to ear with joy. I was the youngest sibling, so growing up to be a big girl was important to me. I wanted to be like my older siblings. They were tall, lean and pretty cool people to me and I looked up to them, figuratively and literally speaking every day. You see, my height, my weight, the size of my head, my hands, and my feet was something I had no control over. My anticipation to see how much I have grown, had nothing to do with a wellness plan or dieting or weight watchers. I was simply a kid who was growing up and going through life changes physically as nature intended. The Affordable Care Act and the stipulation to allow for employers to penalize their employees for simply being overweight is unfair and constitutionally bias. Perhaps there should be a stipulation on how tall a person is, or how big a person 's feet are allowed to grow. When you think about suggestions like that, one cannot help but smile at how preposterous that sounds. Although supporters of this regulation within the Affordable Care Act believes this is…

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