How I Have Developed Strong Writing Skills Throughout The Semester

962 Words Dec 14th, 2014 4 Pages
I have developed strong writing skills throughout the semester; any pieces of writing I have written have improved every time. Looking back at my essay and revising them to be placed in my portfolio, I saw where my weaknesses were and where my strengths were. Just by reading my past essays, I noticed how I have grown as a writer. While plagiarism percentage wasn’t an issue and transitional words were my specialty, using broader vocabulary, staying on one point of view, focusing on my main idea, creating complex sentences, assembling my thoughts onto paper, and using literary techniques to grasp my audience’s attention were my weaknesses. And while I have enriched my writing skills over this term, there is still more room for improvement and I have struggles perfecting my writing.
In my portfolio, I have included all the essays I have written this semester. Those include “A Bad Day”, “Achieving Solidarity”, “Societal Reactions”, “Why Save Lives”, and “Change Lives and Stop Bullying”. These essays cover the topics: descriptive, narrative, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and persuasive, respectively. My best work, in my opinion was the last essay I turned in: “Change Lives and Stop Bullying”. Although lengthy, I also believe it was one of the easiest. It covered a topic I not only knew abundantly about, but also had personal experience I could share.
For example, “A Bad Day”, my first essay this semester, needed a lot of revision. I remember printing off my essay and…

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