Essay on How I Have A Vacation And Visiting A City On My Bucket List

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School is dismissing soon, which means summer is almost here. I would enjoy going on a vacation and visiting a city on my bucket list. Given three thousand dollars and a week to travel, I have planned two potential vacations that are alike and different in many ways. While both cities are influenced by art, one trip is historic, and the other one is modern. As a young artist, I have always been inspired by paintings and architecture. These two cities offer many fun attractions, delicious food, and potential memories. On a budget of three thousand dollars, I would choose to take a trip to Paris, France, or Chicago, Illinois.
Paris, France is an elegant, historic city where I would be able to learn about local sites. I would leave for my trip on June the 8th and come home on June the 14th. Because I am on a tight budget, I would have my parents drop me off at the Memphis airport so that I would not have to pay for parking. I would check in and board my first flight to Atlanta. After arriving in Atlanta, I would wait for my next flight to arrive to take me to my final destination Paris, France. Upon my arrival, my cousin Miguel would pick me up from the airport. Miguel lives in Paris, which is very convenient for me because I would be able to stay at his apartment for free. His apartment is within walking distance of delicious places to eat and the attractions that I have planned to visit on this trip. Thankfully because of my cousin’s apartment, I am not having…

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