Essay on How I Have A Friend

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I have a friend. He claims he doesn’t know it all. But he acts it. He acts like he’s better than me. He treats me as though I am less than him. And I swear, whenever we get into a disagreement, an argument, a fight…he has to let me know that he knows more than me. That he has more life experience than me. That he is smarter than me.

This is to him.

For every single time you told me I was full of shit, thank you.

For every single time you told me that I had bullshit opinions, thank you.

For every single time you proved me wrong, thank you.

Thank you for being you. Because without you being you, I wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t have cried and got back up again. I wouldn’t have figured out how to strengthen my arguments. I wouldn’t have learned how to just hang up the phone whenever you went on and on about how you have tried everything in your power to make talking easier – way past the point of explanation that was necessary.

The world is not black and white, but you know that. Yet you only give black and white examples. Examples that prove your point and your point only. I think our father would be proud. He raised a confident, brilliant man. But he also raised a man that can sometimes be a bully. He raised a man that is so logical. He raised a boy that turned out to be you.

Congratulations. You won. You won the fight that seemed to never end. The fight that continued till the bitter end. Whether it was over emotions, my “complaints,” our beliefs on racism and sexism. You…

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