How I Handle Role Conflicts and Role Strains Essay examples

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How I Handle Role Conflicts and Role Strains

Life has never been easy since my family and I moved here from the Philippines. I practically left my very easy and comfortable life there. Before, I'm just a plain college student, asking my allowance from mom, dropped off to school by dad and my brother even helped me with my school works. But everything changed when we lived here. I need to stop schooling and to sustain our everyday living; all of us need to work. With that situation, I don’t get to see them a lot often because we don’t have the same days off. I’m always left alone at home when they’re at work and at the early age of 18, I’ve already learned to be independent. I’m a working student and the
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When I’m in class, I was not able to pay attention to the discussion because I’m tired from work. I almost broke down and cry because of pushing myself too hard to do all of those at the same time.
Because of that, I just then realized that it’s not worth my tears because I know that I could manage it. I breathed deep and think to myself that I should use my time wisely. If I just manage my time, nothing will go wrong. I knew that I could do it so I let the days come with less effort but with confidence. I did not stress myself that much to do all of my home works. I see to it that I have enough sleep so that at work, I would stay calm. During days off, I get to do school works. One more thing is to prioritize work you need to do. I remember my teacher back in Elementary say “First things first”. So I made up a schedule to keep myself organized. And most of all, I enjoyed life as a working student. It made my study and work much easier.
With this ways, I see myself improving and I will continue to do this. It’s true that time management is the key to handle all of the role conflicts we are experiencing. I never heard someone say that being a working student is easy. It’s always difficult but through right adjustment, all will fall into their proper places. Because of having enough time for school and work, I now have spare time left to be a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend and an active community member. There will be no more role conflicts and role strains if all of

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