How I Had Changed My Life Essay

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As a so called “youngster”, to my development stages as an adolescent, I have obtained much knowledge about the complexity of life. I have learned so much in my 17 years on this earth, but I still have yet to learn a lot. Most of my knowledge has been gained through the process of trying new things and gaining experience. I have also matured over time and realized the importance of many things. My process of thinking was different as I started out in my early life. I slowly came to the realization of what the world was like during my middle school days after elementary. High school is when the realism of life hit me hard. We all believe that what we know is right and there is no other way but that is not always true. I never knew right from wrong as a very young student. The thought of what I did never crossed my mind more than once, I just did them. My brain was in its very early stages of development during this time, so it was a very crucial time. Of course again I was way too young to realize something so important like this and just went along with what I was told. I am very thankful for the small community that I have grown up in because the individual attention that is given is such a positive versus a large community. I can remember early learning was a very stressed subject in my community. I never had any idea about what was happening and why it was happening, but because of how my brain was just developing I simply did what I was told. If a…

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