Essay about How I Got Into And Out Of Credit Card

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This is my story about how I got into and out of credit card, I live in Waterloo, Iowa with a population of about 68,400 people in the Waterloo alone. That is a lot of people just in town it also doesn’t help that I have a lot of friends in the towns around me such as in Cedar Falls, Hudson and Raymond. It all started one Friday night after I got off of work I have a very well paying job for my age only being 27 years old. My best buddy Don and I would go out and start the weekend right we started in Waterloo at the Park Road Inn, we would both start off with beers and they just kept coming and coming I just put everything on the credit card without thinking about it. We got a call saying that there was a party going on in Cedar Falls, we both drank the last few sips that were in our bottles. We went to the Hill in CF and we went to several different bars and we would get to the end of the street and turn around and go back through all the bars we did and I would continue to tell by rounds for everyone and put it onto my credit card. When I woke up the next morning on top of my truck shirtless I knew that I had messed up. I went inside to my apartment I saw Don laying on the couch he was out cold I sat down next to my charger and plugged in my phone, there was 11 missed calls from my bank and I knew I had messed up big time. They left me three voicemails saying that I had exceeded my limit on my credit card I was $10,000 in debt this was my worst nightmare come true.…

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