How I Get The Most From Therapy Essay

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How to get the most from therapy

Here are a dozen tips to help you progress in counselling
Be truthful with yourself and with the therapist. In order for your counsellor to understand how best to work with you to achieve the outcomes you desire, they have to have a clear picture.
If you are unable to be honest with yourself then you make the job of helping you more difficult. For example when Joe tells the counsellor, or for that matter anyone, about his last failed relationship he says, “she was always unhappy, nagging at me to do things” The part of the picture Joe does not mention is that he hates having time commitments. He led his girlfriend to believe he wanted marriage but after 5 years had not gotten around to proposing. Always saying “weddings cost too much money, and he didn’t have enough saved up.”
Clients leave things out because they don’t want the therapist to think less of them. They believe if ‘you knew I yell at my spouse’ or I think ‘maybe I shouldn’t have had kids’ you would think less of me. Your counsellor needs this kind of information to get headed in the right direction. They will not judge you.
Alternately people hide the truth so the therapist doesn’t think less of another person, like a spouse or parent. The very act of protecting another person and sacrificing your own therapy in the process is likely what brought you into therapy in the first place. Therapy is confidential, the other person will never know (unless you tell them) that…

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