Essay about How I Changed My Writing

1526 Words Oct 20th, 2015 null Page
There’s a lot of skills and knowledge that a person has been taught but most of the time don’t think about what they have learned and when they learned it. Before this assignment it never came across my mind of even thinking about previous work, why would you? Once I finished an assignment I would never look back at it. But being able to see how I have progressed by reading old essays compared to my more recent ones. Helped me see how I change my writing skills and it gave me a confidence boost in my writing. I have always struggled with writing, but when I did look back at my older assignments it feels nice recognizing how you have grown and the people that have helped you.
Well I never paid too much attention to what my teachers were teaching in class. I would just do the assignment that we were told to do. Thinking back to the 11th grade, that’s when I finally started to realize my writing style and my process of writing essays or a simple one to two paragraph stories. We were assigned to write a paper on feminism and how society looks at women. It was one of those simple five paragraph essay that everyone knows how to do. One of the points that I explained was how women were thought less of than compared to a male. We as woman had lower wages and were limited to what jobs that we could do. When you thought of a women she doesn’t work, but stay at home. She cooks, cleans, takes care of laundry, day to day household chores and makes sure that everyone is fed. The list…

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